Judy & Jon


They are the only northamerican couple to ever be ‘adopted’ by the Porteños as authentic milongueros.    

They are elegant, artistic, precise, articulate and fun as teachers.

Durng their 25+ years immersed in tango, 10 years living in Buenos Aires where they taught and performed, Judy and Jon developed the unique ability and the experience of dancing fancy figures in tight spaces and knowledge of how to take social salon tango to the exhibition floor. 

During the years they lived in Buenos Aires they acquired a profound understanding of the dance, history, culture and music of the Tango.

After 10 years living and working in Buenos Aires as professional Argentine Tango dancers Judy and Jon relocated to Las Vegas where they opened their school LAS VEGAS TANGO ESCUELA. 

IN BUENOS AIRES they performed regularly on stage and at famous Buenos Aires milongas including Sunderland, Salon Canning, Porteño y Bailarin, Gricel, Sin Rumbo, La Baldoza, La Ideal, and La Nacional. They were on the teaching staff at the tango schools of the prestigious Confiteria Ideal and Cultura Tanguera Academía.

JUDY & JON ARE ESTEEMED for their connection and impeccable technique. Jon is known for his elegance, connection,  sentimiento and musicality. Judy is admired for her embellishments and beautiful footwork. They teach and perform traditional Argentine Tango de Salon social and exhibition style.

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