Tango in the Time of Corona with Judy & Jon

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Judy & Jon at ATUSA 2019

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Tango in the Time of Corona with Judy & Jon

Breakfast Tango with Judy & Jon  Tango in The Time of Corona
Jon describes how to tie your shoelaces when dancing Tango. Tango in Time of Corona with Judy & Jon

Corona Diary

A strange and somewhat ominous 
cloud formation

Late December 2019 . Wuhan reveals Covid-19

March 11 2020 . Covid-19 declared Pandemic

Is it a Cloud ? . Alien spacecraft ? . A foreboding shape hovered over I-95 Saturday March 14

We found out about the Symptoms of Covid-19

We decided to boost our immune system with supplements . herbs . and healthy foods

Financial Stability in the Time of Corona

Brett Axelrod has practical advice for Business Owners and Individuals to maintain financial stability  through the COVID-19 pandemic

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