Your true authentic style is priceless . .

Judy's foot work is gorgeous . .
don't miss the opportunity to
learn some great tips . . AR

I loved the lesson! I love working with
you two I learn so much, it's fun and I
always feel better about my abilities
afterward . .  Barni

Your classes are always great . .

They are phenomenal. They are the
only teachers who explain 'why' we
do what we're supposed to do . . Niki

They are amazing. They teach you
what you need to know in a very
unique way . .

Your are so clear
you break everything down so
You are great communicators . .

You carry stardust on your
shoulders from the milongas
of Buenos Aires . . VS

One hour with them will
change your life . . BG

Thank you for your gifted teaching
and sharing of tango. Many may
pretend but only few can do it . . LJ

No one has ever explained and
broken down the material like this . .

You are a Dynamic Duo with

It’s like exporting oranges to Paraguay
or selling fridges to the Eskimos.
Judy Margolis and Jon Martin are a
foreign couple who have settled in this
city to dance and teach how to dance
Argentine tango. And the first thought
that arises is: But, what can these
Johnnies teach us? However, when we
see them dance or when we listed to
them, we realize that they love and
understand our porteña culture, and
that is why they have been adopted
by the milonga goers.

Es como ir a vender naranjas al Paraguay
o heladeras a los esquimales. Judy & Jon
son una pareja extranjera que se ha
afincado en esta ciudad para bailar y
enseñar a bailar el tango Argentino.
Y lo primero que surge sera: Pero, que
nos pueden enseñar estos yonis? Sin
embargo, cuando uno los ve bailar o
cuando los escucha se da cuenta que
aman y comprenden nuestra cultura
porteña, y por eso fueron adoptados
por los concurrentes a las milongas.

From the Interview  
by Tito Palumbo, editor B.A. Tango
Buenos Aires December 2007