The music starts . . .
two strangers
enter the dance floor
and in the tap of a toe
become one in Tango  
The man interprets the music
and leads with his intention
spontaneous . . creative
unique . .
no rehearsal . . no practice  
The woman accompanies
and embellishes
completing the man
giving meaning to the dance
filling the man's frame
becomes the picture  
Tango . . .
Sensuous . . Seductive . .
Tango . .  
A love story in three minutes


International Tango Masters Judy & Jon relocated to Las Vegas after 10 years living and working in Buenos Aires as professional Argentine Tango dancers. During the years they lived in Buenos Aires they acquired a profound understanding of the dance, history, culture and music of the Tango.
In Buenos Aires they performed regularly on stage and at famous Buenos Aires milongas including Sunderland, Salon Canning, Porteño y Bailarin, Gricel, Sin Rumbo, La Baldoza, La Ideal, and La Nacional. They were on the teaching staff at the tango schools of the prestigious Confiteria Ideal and Cultura Tanguera Academía.

Judy and Jon are esteemed for their connection and impeccable technique. Jon is known for his elegance, connection,  sentimiento and musicality. Judy is admired for her embellishments and beautiful footwork. They teach and perform traditional Argentine Tango de Salon social and exhibition style.
They are the only North American Couple to receive the P’a Que Bailen Los Muchachos publicly recognizing them as authentic Argentine Tango dancers, teachers, performers and milongueros.

Judy & Jon have been profiled and featured in major Buenos Aires tango magazines including La Milonga, B. A. Tango and Diostango. They are the authors of the illustrated step-by step exercise manual Tango Body Mechanics and they have produced the DVD, Judy & Jon y Sus Amigos Que Bailen. Shows prooduced by Judy and Jon include A Night In Buenos Aires, Whispers of Buenos Aires, and The Ghost Hunter’s Tango and LA NOCHE DE BUENOS AIRES TANGO MINI SHOW.
Judy and Jon formed LAS VEGAS TANGO ESCUELA NOSTALGIA ARGENTINA (LVTE) with weekly classes, supervised practicas, and a monthly milonga CHICHE BOMBON and a Sunday Tango Dance at the GOLD COAST CASINO. They have formed the CHE BUENOS AIRES performance troupe and host special events and a yearly group tour to Buenos Aires.

It is Judy & Jon’s mission and goal to help make Las Vegas a center for great Argentine Tango.